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About us

Core team

Johan van Zanten
Concept, illustration, animation
Soraya Hamming
Frits Schiphorst
Concept, design
Klaas Lageveen
Michael van den Bosch



In addition to our core team, we frequently collaborate with an extensive network of top-notch specialists in the fields of illustration, animation, sound design and voice-overs.


Freelance network - Amsterdam Animation Studio

Creating an animation, our approach

Less is more

In creating our animations  an important guideline is the principle of "Less is more". What's the most clear and compact storyline? Which are the darlings we have to kill? We translate your message visually as compelling and clear-cut as possible. We don't stop until we find the most effective form.



When it's possible and appropriate, we like to keep our animations as "light" as possible. In addition to this being our personal inclination, we also use humor because we believe it's an effective way to convey even relatively 'dull' or 'complex' stories in an appealing way that's easy to digest.

Sensitive to context

Over the years we've worked with a large variety of clients in many different contexts. So we know what it takes to realize an optimal result in each particular project.

This means besides doing a great job "animating", we also actively guide you during the production process. Together with you we guard both the content and the process of the project. Keeping a keen eye on any sensitivities or bottlenecks within your organization.

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